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5 Ways to Make Your B&B Famous

Many B&B owners wish to make their business famous but this thing cannot be done overnight. It would take a very good marketing strategy to launch your business and make people know about it. Here some ways to make your bed and breakfast business popular.

First, make a very good marketing plan for your services, with objectives clearly stated. The objectives will guide you since all the activities will be directed towards attaining them. You must specify when you will launch the marketing, where to launch it, who to invite and what will be the promotion strategy.
This will keep you on schedule and give you an idea on what to expect from it.

Second, make your service your best marketing tool. After the launching, invite people from the tourism industry and travel agencies for a stay in your B&B, free of charge. Let them experience the kind of service that you want to offer to your guests. Once these people like the services offered by your bed and breakfast facility, they can recommend it to travelers and tourists in your area. Let them feel and see the difference of your bed and breakfast facility compared to other accommodation facilities of the same kind.

Third, have a full blast marketing activity. Have your business listed in the B&B yellow pages of your town and city. Make an informative brochure, with colorful graphics and pictures. This will entice clients to pick up the material and browse it, and later, read it. Have streamers with the business name, location, and photograph of the B&B, map and a guide on how to locate it. Post the streamers in places that are always frequented by people such as bus stations, train stations, ferry boats and shipping lines offices, airports, department stores, and along the streets. People who have not yet made up their mind where to stay would jump on the opportunity to stop looking for a place to stay. If they like the post, they will call you and book for accommodation. You can also advertise in the newspaper and magazines or send emails to people you know and their acquaintances.

Fourth, use the internet. You can use online advertisement by having your B&B listed in some website directories. You can also have your own website. Provide it with unique and relevant content so that the search engines will see it right away when some people search for B&B. Make your readers feel that you are talking to them through your article. Introduce your B&B and let them decide whether to use it or not. Let them know why it would be to their advantage to book a stay in your inn.

Fifth, use the best advertising material as much as possible. Remember that the visuals must be attractive. People do not read right away any material that they see. They browse first and if their curiosity is aroused or if the material appeals to them, they begin to read. Be honest but convincing. And of course, getting your bed and breakfast in Europe listed in Bed and Breakfast Euro would mean that millions of potential clients would see the name of your B and B worldwide. This service would help you book guests and answer their queries. This will increase the chances of your B&B business to succeed.

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