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How to Convert Your Home into A B&B for Your Pleasure

Couples whose children are still very young may find it inconvenient to travel and stay in a B&B.
However, you can still stay at home and enjoy the bed and breakfast ambiance. You can easily do some changes that would make your room appear like a B&B. Here some things that can help you convert your room into a romantic haven for you.

First, make it a rule to pick up all clutter on the floor. A B&B does not have anything littering on the floor. Aside from being unpleasant to the eyes, they are dangerous, too. You might step on them and slip or fall from the stairs. That could be the worst thing that could happen to you. But how do you remove the clutter of three healthy and energetic babies? Well, always be prepared with a box and pick up everything from the floor and put them inside a box. Your little ones can easily sort the things inside the box in the morning and look for their own toys. Now, your room is safe and tidy.

Second, to make your room appear like a bed and breakfast, always keep it clean. The sheets and pillows must be fresh and the floor and bed free of dust and animal hair and stains. If your floor is covered with a thick carpet, vacuum it regularly. Some people who have pets like cats and dogs would allow them to stay on their bed, living lots of animal hair when they leave. This is unhygienic and the hair might cause some illnesses. As much as possible, do not let your pets in your room and on your bed. Also, see t it that the bathroom and toilet are clean. There must be complete toiletries, air freshener, clean shower curtain and a glistening toilet sink and bowl.

Third, give your room a B&B ambiance. Check the curtains and linens. Are they the right color, texture and size? Curtains that have cool and relaxing colors are preferable. Light pink, powder blue, apple green and light peach – all these colors make you feel lighthearted, relaxed and peaceful. Avoid bright
orange or crimson. They make you feel like you are in hell. Check your linens. Are they made of a soft fabric? Some linen is itchy while some scratches your skin. Always choose warm, soft and comfortable linen. Your mattress must be soft but firm. You must not feel like you are buried when you lie on it. The pillows must be big, fluffy and downy soft. You can also add throw pillows that will make you have comfort while sitting I your favorite chair with a book to read, or while cuddling each other in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night. Light some scented candles or use a glowing lampshade to add to the beautiful and romantic tone of the night.

Fourth, let the other people in your house know that you want quiet and peace this time. If there is a television in your room, move it to a place where you would not be tempted to switch it on. Have books close by so that if you cannot sleep, you can easily choose one to read. Just lying alone in your room enjoying an hour without someone howling for your help will make you feel like you are in heaven.

Fifth, pack something as if you are going to stay in a bed and breakfast in Europe. Replace your usual night attire with something new and attractive. Your husband would be amazed to see you in an outfit which you used to like twenty or more years ago.

Sixth, have a real breakfast in bed, which is what makes a stay in a bed and breakfast unique. To make it more realistic, have everything ready at night. Make the most aromatic coffee and serve it steaming hot to your beloved. A hotplate with bacon strips and sunny-side up egg and toasted bread with your husband’s favorite jam or marmalade, served with your best smile would do wonders for the both of you.

Seventh, do some rearrangement in your room. If your walls are full of portraits of all your family members, living and dead, remove them. How can you have a romantic night when there are several dozens of eyes staring at you? A B&B room has wall decors that show good taste. Picture frames will do and probably, a vase with your favorite flowers. If you want others to see your great ascendants and descendants, display their pictures in your hallway, gallery-style. If you are a real B&B, it will give
your guests something to look if they have nothing else to do. They would also make a good topic for conversation.

Eighth, let your senses feel the essence of being in a B&B. Spray your room with a unique sent. Your linens and beddings must smell fresh. A musty smell will drive away the B&B atmosphere that you are trying to create. The new scent must also include yourself. You can wear the perfume that you used during your first date to make the atmosphere more unique and romantic.

Ninth, lock the door. You might feel it safe for your door to remain open so that your little ones can run to you anytime. However, teach them not o disturb you when your door is locked. Explain to them that you also need sometime for yourself. Mothers are overworked all the time and they need to have peace and quiet, too. If your children are big enough to read, make a “Don’t Disturb Sign” and hang it on your door. A day without any interruption will give you the relaxations, quiet and peace that you can only find in a B&B.

Well. If you were able to achieve transforming your home into a B&B, may be, you can now easily open a B&B of your own. Remember to apply the principles that made you happy while pretending to be in a bed and breakfast in your own home and you will be able to have a B&B your customers would love.

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