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Tips on How to Write Blogs that Can Help Promote Your B&B

Blogging is a technique used by many people to advertise their products or services or that of other people’s through the internet. Blogging means writing articles about things you want to promote.
They could be products or services like bed and breakfast facilities. Blog is short for web log. The article contains information about what you are talking about and other interesting details about it. You don’t need to be a web designer to post and publish blogs. Websites have software that can publish your articles in an interesting form and with graphics if you want. What a good blogger needs is stock knowledge, keen observation skills and of course, good writing skills.

An innkeeper is in the best position to be a blogger for a bed and breakfast web site. He has the knowledge with regards to the locale frequented by tourists. For instance, he could write blogs about the history of the place, the factors that make it into a tourist attraction, the things that could be done in the area and other fun things that could be experienced by a guest.

A blog writer may also make his blogs as a sort of reports about events and other happenings in the area. Posted with good photographs, these articles can easily attract the attention of readers and make them curious about the place so that they decide to visit it to see for themselves.

You could also make your blog appear like journal entry, focusing on activities, places, people and events that guests might find informative and interesting. Make your blogs fun – they must be short, lightly written and with rumor. This will attract more readers than very formal write ups. Do not over do it, though. Write one blog a week and before you know it, your website is already full of articles that readers like to read. The search engine will notice that many people are reading your blogs and may give your site a higher rank.

Here are some tips on what and how to write blogs that would attract readers and make search engines place your site at the top:

1. Always have fresh and original content. The topic might be old but if you can use an approach that will make it appear fresh and not copied from other blog sites.

2. Discuss one topic in a page. Do not make a very long article that jumps from one topic to another. Search engines don’t like it and would never have your article or site indexed.

3. If you are not sure of your information, do research. There are readers who would check your facts and if they are imaginary, they won’t read your articles again. Make sure that the information that you share is always current and correct. If you are talking about bed and breakfast in Europe, use situations that apply to that area.

4. Don’t just focus on your own B&B. Write something about the place. Remember that people come to visit the place and what it can offer to travelers and tourists, not because they want to see your home or castle which you have converted into a B&B.

5. Mention places that will attract them more to your place. There could be a restaurant that offers good food but is less frequented, a resort hidden in the mountains near you or a park that is worth visiting. If more people come to visit them, you can get a share of guests. These businesses might also do something for you in return, like recommending you to travelers that inquire about cheap but good accommodation.

6. Have your site listed in a global bed and breakfast directory, the Bed and Breakfast Euro.. The name of your establishment will be included and will be read by millions of people around the world who are planning to have a vacation and choosing a place where they could stay. This service will answer questions about your facility, take an online booking for you and provide feedback regarding reviews of your B&B service.

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