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Five Ways to Show Consideration to B&B Owner

B&B owners are looking for clients but if you are the inconsiderate kind, even bed and breakfast establishments would ban you. Everyone wants respect and being considerate is one way of showing it.
Here are five ways by which you can show consideration to the owner of a bed and breakfast facility.

First, always observe the house rules and regulations. Owners would appreciate it if you can be home on time. Remember that you are staying in a house and you may have the key to the room but not to the gate. Going home late would require your host or hostess to get up and open the main door for you.
They deserve a good and undisturbed sleep, considering that they have to wake up early in the morning to cook your breakfast. Going home on time will make you a good customer for them.

Second, keep your room and bathroom clean. Bed and breakfast owners appreciate people who know how to tidy their room. It is true that you pay for the services but leaving behind your trash and leaving your room and bathroom unkempt will leave a bad impression. Picking up your trash, arranging your bed and seeing to it that you flush the toilet bowl after using are ways of showing consideration and respect to the owner.

Third, always ask permission when using devices that are not included in your accommodation in Europe. Ask the owner before you use the telephone or switch on the television in the living room. Don’t take things out of the establishment without asking if you can borrow them or not.

Fourth, if you want to bring your friends to your B&B, observe the rules. Some owners would allow you to engage in social drinking as long as you do not make noise and become unruly. You can disturb other guests and make negative feedback on the facility. This is especially true when staying in bed and breakfast in Europe, where people are always expected to observe proper decorum.

Last, do not deface or destroy the owner’s property. Some guests have the bad habit of writing on the walls or making them dirty. Or they would take something from the room like a treasured ash tray or anything that catches their fancy. Do not do this or you will find yourself stranded next time because no one else would accommodate you.

Owners of bed and breakfast facilities want to give you full satisfaction. It is your responsibility to give them due respect and consideration as a guest.

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