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How to Make Your Bed and Breakfast More Marketable

Putting up a business is not as easy as all you think. This is also true with the bed and breakfast business. Getting reservations could be difficult especially if you are just starting to make your name in the industry. However, do not start to lose hope. There are many things that you can do to make your bed and breakfast more desirable for clients.

First, establish your own niche. Usually, this would go with your location and what the place offers. If you are located near a skiing resort, then advertise yourself as a skiing B&B. Acquire knowledge in this niche by reading and learning more about it. You can include in your advertisement a directory and map of the best skiing sites and show how your breakfast and bed is the best choice because you are close to the area and you can provide your guests with information if they want to enjoy skiing.

Second, offer something in relation to your niche. You can provide a good skiing guide to new comers for free or rent out skiing equipment for those who want to learn how to do the sports. You may also learn to ski well and serve as instructors of your guests in skiing

Third, offer the best rates. Compare prices with the other B&B establishments in the area and go down just a few cents. It might not be big enough but most people looking for a B&B would automatically select the one with the lowest rate.

Fourth, always keep your clients satisfied. The word of mouth is a very powerful means of advertising. Once your guests find your service excellent, they will recommend you to their relatives and friends. Also, when they decide to take another trip to the same place, they will surely remember to keep in touch with you.

Fifth, advertise your bed and breakfast in print media and in television if possible. Have it listed in your town’s or city’s yellow book. And of course, ensure exposure to overseas clients by having your website included in the list of inns and B&Bs worldwide. To reach 2 million visitors or more each month, have your bed and breakfast listed at the European Leader Bed and Breakfast Euro. Doing so will allow your clients to book online in your B&B, browse reviews about your establishment and reply to queries of potential clients.

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