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Tips on How to Deal with Clients

Running a bed and breakfast is not easy. Aside from the hundreds of tasks and details you have to remember every day, you can also meet clients who are just mean and difficult. You need guests but when given someone who thinks that they are kings and queen and you are their servants, you’ll think you are going to hit the ceiling. But then, they are your customers and customers are always right.

Here are some tips on how to deal with very difficult clients. First, be considerate but firm. Explain to them your house rules and as much as possible, see to it that they are followed. Unless it is an emergency, do not let them break your rule. They might hate you for it but you will earn their respect. Once they realize that everything that you do is for their own safety and welfare, they will appreciate it.

Second, do not take for granted your guests. Make them feel that they are an important part of your home. Give them special treats once in a while, like a cup of steaming chocolate drink when the night is cold or a freshly picked fruit from your own tree. Ask them about their food preferences so that you are sure that the food you prepare for them will be enjoyed and not wasted.

Last, always be helpful when they ask questions. Remember that they came to your establishment because they want to see and do things in that place. Act like a tour guide. Tell them where they can find entertainment and beautiful things to see. By doing this, you show them that you are doing your best to make their stay more enjoyable and worth their expense and effort.

If you are n owner of a bed and breakfast in Europe, try to create an atmosphere that will make your client feel the big difference between staying in your home and in a hotel. And to make you B&B more popular, have your website included in the list of inns and B&Bs worldwide. To reach 2 million visitors or more each month, have your bed and breakfast listed at the European Leader Bed and Breakfast Euro. Doing so will allow your clients to book online in your B&B, browse reviews about your establishment and reply to queries of potential clients.

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