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Some B&B Rules that You Must Know

Some people think that bed and breakfast inns do not have rules but since it is offering services to clients, it must be able to have a semblance of safety and security and so, each must have its rules and policies. The owner must establish the house rules and let his clients know this before they check in to prevent confusion.

Most owners would ask occupants to maintain silence to give others a chance to rest. Loud music may not be allowed and noise must be kept at a minimum. If there are many costumers, the owner might request them to inform the management in advance if there are foods they do not like to eat or cannot eat. This will ensure that the customer would like his breakfast and that wastage of food is avoided.

In most bed and breakfast in Europe, customers are requested not to come home very late at night to prevent disturbing other clients. If they are going out very early in the morning to exercise, they must be careful not to make noise like banging their doors or running down stairs. Some B&B do not accept children or pets. So, when you make your reservations, you must take note of these things.

When it comes to using phones, some B&Bs do not allow this so, if you know in advance that you need to contact someone or be contacted from time to time by phone, choose a bed and breakfast that allows it. Some establishments have telephones installed in each room but they might not allow long distance calls.

Before inviting friends to the B&B where you are staying, ask the owner first if it is allowed. It would be very embarrassing on your part to be reprimanded by the owner right in front of your friends. If you are a smoker, choose B&Bs that would allow it; otherwise, you’ll have to give up smoking once the owner prohibits it.

If you plan to stay longer, always ask your host or hostess if you can use the laundry facilities and the kitchen. There might not be laundry shop or eateries nearby and this could be inconveniences to you if the owner cannot offer you these amenities.

These are just a few of the rules that bread and breakfast establishments may impose. To make sure that you understand the policies, always check the brochures of the B&B where you want to stay in.

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