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How to Know if a B&B Is Child-Friendly

Taking a vacation with a child or several children is great fun. However, one of the setbacks is on accommodation. If you stay in a hotel, this is not a problem. But, when you are planning to stay in a B&B, it might not be easy to find one that would welcome small kids.

Before you decide where to stay with your kids, check first if the place welcomes children. This will prevent you from being turned down by the owner. Of all the worst things that could ruin your holiday is having nowhere to stay with your little ones. Most bed and breakfast in Europe accept children. When choosing where to stay, always look for a place that states that they accept children. Most brochures have pages for bed and breakfast that would willingly take in children.

If you cannot find any such advertisement in the brochure, call the B&B of your choice and discuss with the owner if he would allow you to have your children stay with you. Make clear the additional charges for their accommodation.

B&Bs have reasons to refuse couples with children. There are children who are always crying, whining, fighting, jumping, running around and banging doors all the time. This is a great nuisance for other occupants. This also explains why some guests would not stay in a B&B that already has children in them. There are also parents who leave their children unattended and sometimes, the owner would have to keep watch of them.

Having children among the guests can give additional tasks to the owner. Baby food must be prepared, bottles must be sterilized and there is more demand for hot water. The best thing for parents to do is to choose a bed and breakfast with just two to three rooms, with other occupants having children, too. This will put everyone in a win-win situation.

Check B&B Europe for bed and breakfast accommodation and you can find several that would welcome you even if several children are tagging along.


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