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Affordable Bed and Breakfast in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Rome, its capital, is well known for its historical places and for its glorious past. Julius Caesar walked on its grounds. Vatican, the Papal Seat, is in this city. Latin, its language, had been the language of the world before. A visit in Italy is never complete without a tour of this famous city. And of course, with hundreds of bed and breakfast Italy style, a visit of this city is highly affordable when it comes to accommodation. Where to spend the night is not a problem in this city because of the presence of the B&B inns that offer a comfortable bed and a hearty and rejuvenating breakfast so that you can have another active day of exploring and discovering the beauty of this country.
If you are an art connoisseur, then, a visit in Florence is a must. Florence is the place where the renaissance period began. It is home to great ruins that can compete with other famous arte facts found in a museum. Florence has a collection of buildings and works of arts that represent the renaissance movement.
Visit Venice and experience sailing around the city instead of walking. Instead of streets and cars, Venice has canals and small boats that ferry passengers around this city that is as beautiful as a fairy land. And of course, B&B Italy abounds, where accommodation is easily affordable.
You can find here the Sistine Chapel, with the ceiling displaying the paintings of a famous artist, Michelangelo. You can visit Pompeii, which was covered by the ashes spewed by Mt. Vesuvius when it erupted thousands of years ago.
With its ruins comes the modern fashion that men and women all over the world are crazy about. You name it, Milan has it – Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Armani. And of course, you can window shop on stores frequented by the millionaires of the world.
For cycling enthusiasts and beach lovers, Italy offers both. Spend your day mingling with nature as you pedal through forested hills and tree-lined roads or swim, snorkel or fish on its pristine and beautiful seas.
Italian cuisine is known worldwide and has become universal favourites. The pasta dishes are loved by any foreigners and the Italian wines are almost perfect. Eating in an Italian restaurant is a great experience. However, for those who are touring this lovely country on a budget, staying in a bed  breakfast Italy offers will allow them the taste of affordable home made and exquisite Italian cuisine.

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